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Swift River molds are designed and manufactured in the USA. Our unique UNImold™ manufacturing process allows for a stress free mold cavity, as well as a fully controlled hardening process that assures a long life cycle. The UNImold™ utilizes a fully CNC machined process using a solid plate of special alloy steel requiring no welds with the exception of the top deck rails. The mold walls and top surface are then case hardened to a minimum of 62Rc using a process that creates carbides on the surface reducing wear and extending mold life.

Tamper head shoes are fully machined, allowing for accurate and identical reproduction of any surface texture. They’re also made of a special alloy steel and case hardened to a minimum of 60Rc to give a durable and long life cycle. The tamper head plungers are bolted to the tamper head plate in a self-aligning pocket for easy and accurate alignment if replacement of plungers is required.